A little bit about me

I live and breathe data science. I am constantly finding connections and similarities between the world of data science and the world around us. I love what I do. The feeling of solving interesting problems is exhilerating to me, and I love seeing the impact of machine learning and advanced analytics to improves society and lives.

In my spare time, I enjoy a variety of hobbies. I am a traveler, a hiker, a reader, a skier, a yogi, a climber, a motorcycle rider... The list goes on and on.

On this website, you will find a variety of resources related to my life. On the left-hand side you can find links to my resume, LinkedIn, Medium, GitHub, and personal email. Below, you will find links to various blog posts and projects that I have published. My interests and hobbies come across in my writings; I write about everything from data science to book reviews to hiking trips.

Data Analysis

The Best Time to Post on Reddit

Used R to visualize the best time to post on Reddit using data collected with Google's BigQuery.

Benchmarking Auto-scaling Spark Clusters

Quantified the speed boost and cost reduction of Qubole's unique auto-scaling feature.

A Geography-Based Pricing Model for TicketMaster

Demonstrated the relevance of geography in a hypothetical pricing model for TicketMaster.

A Geospatial Model for Hotel Popularity

Won "Best Data Visualization" at UCLA's data hackathon in 2016 by analyzing data provided by Expedia.

Conferences and Presentations

Deploying Machine Learning Models

In the world of machine learning, one important aspect has often been ignored or overlooked: bringing the model from the sandbox into a production environment. In this session, Danny D. Leybzon, Solutions Architect at Qubole, will explore the topic of model productionization and deployment.

Automated Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is one of the hottest topics in data science today, but what does it mean? In this workshop, Danny D. Leybzon (a seasoned data scientist and Solutions Architect at Qubole) will give a broad overview of AutoML, ranging from simple hyperparameter optimization all the way to full pipeline automation.

Thought Leadership

Machine Learning Requires Big Data

Last week, during the Deep Learning Summit at AWS re:Invent...

The Importance of Data Due Diligence

Earlier this month, a study was published indicating that...

More than just pretty graphs

To paraphrase a popular idiom: there are lies, damn lies...

Bad Data Visualization in the Time of COVID-19

These three data viz pitfalls, which have proliferated...

Twilio Tutorials

How I Turned a $5 Button Into a Phone Finder

Hacked an Amazon Button into a phone finding gadget with a Raspberry Pi.

Writing About Reading

Goodreads: Compilation of shorter book reviews

Literary Commentary: Orwell was a socialist

Seveneves: Modern, Classic SciFi

The Omnivore's Dilemma: From Boar to Corn and Back Again

The Confidence Game: You Can Be Conned

How Nudge Inspired the Libertarian Paternalist in Me